As a freelancer, solopreneur or owner of a small enterprise you work hard every day to serve your clients.

I became a design consultant to help you serve more clients and make better use of your time.

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My unique set of skills - and why they matter

Graphic Design

Almost every day I see valuable messages go unnoticed because of the way they are presented:

  • colour combinations or poorly chosen typefaces make them hard to read,
  • secondary messages get more visual weight than the primary message,
  • visual distractions by what is meant to be decorative,
  • or simply a lack of courage to leave some space empty,

all these errors can effectively kill your message.

I have the skills and experience to avoid that.


What you have to say will be seen, understood, remembered and acted upon.

"Most people have no idea how influenced they are by how things look."
— John McWade
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Strategy Consulting

Any marketing activity can be a tool to:

  • find new clients
  • sell products and services
  • educate potential clients about your offer
  • enhance your reputation
  • test new services
  • accelerate the growth of your enterprise.

That's a strategic business decision. In such cases, it comes handy when you have somebody by your side who is also a former management strategy consultant and learned the ropes of business building at McKinsey.

Like me.


Business strategy, translated into branding, translated into web sites and campaigns; all from one hand.

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Scientific rigour

A scientific approach will vastly improve decision making in marketing. It includes objectively using data, looking for patterns and testing hypotheses.

I was trained at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland, to apply scientific rigour and precision in my reasoning and communication.


You can grow your business based on facts and knowledge rather than speculation and guessing.

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Copywriting is one of the most important aspects of marketing. It can make or break a campaign, and determine whether or not customers convert.

Here at USP Consulting I understand this and make sure that every piece of copy I create is easy to read, appealing, and high-converting.


I can write or edit the entire copy text of your website or other marketing materials as if you had said it yourself, saving your time.

In English and German.

“Ulrich understood quickly what I had in mind, and created unique designs showcasing the strengths of my business. His approach is personal, creative and meticulous. Completely satisfied.”
Dr. M. Strasser

This is what brought me here:

Always looking for the sweet spot where beauty, accuracy and clarity meet

Since 1987, when I created my first logo - for the driving school I attended at the time -, it has been my passion to understand how words, symbols, colours and typefaces work together. Soon after I bought my first books about typography and studied them front to back.

This was before desktop publishing became available. So all I could do was looking at billboards, brochures and posters, always asking myself: "How could this be made better?" Sometimes I found an answer, sometimes not.

What struck me soon was this: when messages were presented clearly and with accuracy, they looked good. When everything was jumbled, it looked messy.

As a student I began applying graphic design principles when I presented my research results and was asked by my peers to teach them how to do it. Later, as a strategy consultant, I continued refining my tools and making use of the new upcoming computer programs for digital design.

I have helped countless friends, peers and clients getting their messages across by adding structure to their thoughts and bringing the what and the how in sync, creating something beautiful.

Their gratitude is my motivation.

—Ulrich Sperling

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Your Differentiation - My Initials
The concept of Unique Selling Proposition (USP) was introduced by the American advertising executive Rosser Reeves. According to Reeves, a USP is a clear and concise statement that defines what makes a product or service different from its competitors and what benefit it offers to the customer.

Reeves believed that a USP should be the focus of all advertising and marketing efforts for a product and that it should be communicated in every advertisement for the product. He also argued that a USP should be based on a product's unique features and benefits, rather than on price, promotion, or other factors.

Reeves' ideas on USP had a significant impact on the advertising industry and are still widely used today. Many modern marketers and advertisers -including myself - continue to stress the importance of having a clear USP and using it as the cornerstone of their marketing campaigns.

By coincidence it so happens that my initials are also USP. It constantly reminds me to focus my work on what differentiates you and how I can help to bring this to your clients' attention.

—Ulrich Sperling, Ph.D.
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