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Your website can do much more for you with the power of strategic design.

For you as a freelancer, solopreneur or owner of a small enterprise a strategically designed website could bring you more clients, enhance your reputation and save you time.

I can help you with this, because I have more than 22 years of experience as a designer and business strategy consultant.

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Dr. Ulrich Sperling

Founder Meticulous Graphics
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Growing your business doesn't have to be so hard

As a freelancer, solopreneur or owner of a small enterprise you run your business successfully by selling your goods or services to your clients.

But how can you grow?
How to get and retain more clients?
How to perform better?

It has been shown that big companies that have fully absorbed the power of design perform better than their competitors.

You wonder if your business could be boosted by better design as well. And how so?

Let me show you.

Let's begin with your website

Most websites of small businesses suffer from the same typical problems.

  • They look generic.
  • They do not serve a clear purpose, but try to achieve a little bit of everything.
  • They fail to demonstrate your expertise, attract prospects and convert unknown visitors to leads.
  • They focus on the seller instead of their clients' needs and wishes.
  • Their messages are poorly structured and confuse visitors.
  • They are irregularly maintained and quickly outdated.
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These problems are hard to solve if you try to do everything by yourself.

What is more, if changing a text block or photo takes more than a few minutes or is even scary then chances are you won't do it.
Yes, there are tools such as Wordpress and Wix that allow anybody to build his or her own website, but simplicity comes at the price of limited possibilities.

You are the expert who knows your business and your clients best.
How to connect the two with verbal and non-verbal communication is another expertise, though.

Building a website around your business priorities requires strategic thinking as well as design expertise.

I am Ulrich Sperling,
founder of Meticulous Graphics.

As a designing consultant I will show you solutions for all these issues.

I am experienced as a designer as much as a strategy consultant.
At Meticulous Graphics, I bring it all together for you.

Let me be your guide on this journey towards exploiting the power of design.

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Take the next step:
Get a detailed review of your current website

Aspects I will cover include:
Of course, there will also be suggestions for improvement based on my review.

You will receive your detailed website review within three working days as a pdf file.
This service costs CHF 95, but is free if you ask me to implement suggested changes in a follow-up project within three months. The amount will simply be credited against the price of the project.

Money back guarantee

If you should find that my analysis does not provide any valuable information for you, you can simply tell me so within 10 days and I will send your money back. Promised.
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What others are saying about my work

“Meticulous indeed, personal and creative. Ulrich understood quickly what I had in mind, and created unique designs showcasing the strengths of my business. Completely satisfied.”
Dr. M. Strasser
“I found Ulrich Sperling to be a proactive and dedicated team player.  He readily took on the responsibility of designing our webpage and e-cookbook with enthusiasm, patience and creativity while meeting our demanding deadline from conception to completion in just 3 weeks!”
Luisa Fortunato
Interior Designer and Cookbook Author
“For the first time since a long while I felt that someone created something especially for me. It felt like Christmas.”
Dr. A. Marx
Expert Medical Reviewer