How I created value for my clients

- Selected examples -

Mock-up of the HIT Scanner website opened on a laptop screen.
Website and promotional campaign

Super-Lab: HIT Scanner

The task:

HIT Scanner used to be a gem that far too few people knew of. It's a tool that saves veterinarians hundreds of hours and prevents mistakes. Super-Lab, the app developer, wanted to reach out to new users, explain the benefits of HIT Scanner and promote its use with a direct mail campaign.

The solution:

I conducted interviews with current users of the app to understand what features they like best. Based on what they told me I

  • developed a new brand concept and logo for HIT Scanner
  • created an explanatory video and infographic about it
  • wrote the copy for a new web page about it and for the direct mail campaign
  • designed the direct mail campaign and the website
  • built the website

For the first time, the benefits of using HIT Scanner are clearly explained in the language of its users, resulting in an influx of interested customers soon after the campaign launch.

Website with complex filtering


The task:

Subsequent to a major rebranding (also led by me) the client wanted to have a new website that would not only reflect the new branding consistently, but also allow for a much more active role in its marketing activities. In addition, content updates should become a lot less time-consuming than before. The global activities of SAFOSO's project work should be clearly visible.

The solution:

I built a new website in Webflow from scratch within four weeks only. The style of the new site is 100% in line with the new branding. It allows visitors to subscribe to SAFOSO's newsletter and download leaflets and other free documents. Webflow's content management system allows news articles or project descriptions to be added within minutes.

A multi-level filtering system lets visitors search for projects by several parameters like keywords and location.

Page from world livestock disease atlas
Page from world livestock disease atlas
Data analysis and visualization

World Livestock Disease Atlas*

The task:

Tons of data are collected and published regularly by the World Organisation for Animal Health. Yet, this valuable source lay fallow because no one analysed the data. Simple questions like 'Which livestock diseases cause the heaviest losses globally?' or 'Which countries suffer the worst disease-related losses among their livestock populations?' could not be answered.

The solution:

I consolidated 2.7 mio data points and analysed them by time, country, disease, and species. The resulting report which I wrote for the World Bank answers the above questions clearly for the first time and thus allows fact-based decisions.
The World Livestock Disease Atlas can be downloaded here.

* This work was done in a different function of mine, yet is representative of my skills and capabilities.


Coaching for Musicians

The task:

Lidia Marina Sperling, founder of Coaching for Musicians, wanted a website that clearly communicates her expertise and skills. It should strengthen her online presence and make it easier to find and get in contact with her.

The solution:

The website I built for Lidia puts her personality center stage. Copy text and design reflect her individual style equally and engage the reader. Her coaching packages are clearly described, motivating the visitor to take action and get in touch.
Through optimized SEO, her website is number 1 on Google for the services she is offering.


Neuropraxis Solothurn

The task:

Dr. Strasser's wish was that her new website would appear a little bolder and showcase her personality more clearly. Furthermore, in consideration of her elderly patients, special attention should be paid to excellent readability. New features requested were an online registration form to replace the old fax form, and the ability to download pdf documents with background information on individual health topics.

The solution:

A minimalistic and very clear website with strong color contrasts was the answer to these requirements. The pre-existing logo was gently simplified and used as a style and color template as well as a design element.
The form was designed to greatly simplify the registration process for referring physicians while meeting specific privacy requirements.

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